Option Archery - S Series Bow Sight 8s

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Option Archery's New S-Series Option sights combine the best elements of Fixed Pin Sights and Movable Pin Sights into a sleek, tough and lightweight package.  Unlike other Hybrid Sights, Option Sights are able to transform from a Hybrid fixed and movable pin sight into a true, Single Pin Sight with the flick of a wrist. 

The movable and fixed pins can all be in view at the same time, or the fixed pins can easily be rotated out of view for maximum single-pin visibility.  Exact yardage can be selected with the moveable pin (whether the fixed pins are in view or not). Magnets hold the fixed pin guard in the open or closed position and rubber dampeners ensure whisper quiet operation in the field. 

One of the features for the S-Series is the machined sight pins (for 2022, both the fixed pins and mover pin are machined) that fully protect the fiber optics and provide an extremely clean sight picture. Second and third axis adjustments are simple to make in shop or on the shooting range.

Another feature of the S-Series is the new machined aluminum fiber guard for the mover pin, this addition makes the mover pin much brighter than previous models, and this mover pin is coiled above glow in the dark material!


S-Series Sights - OVERVIEW & FEATURES:

  • Weight: 8.3 with direct mount - 9.6 ounces with extension mount
  • Round Housing with 1-1/8" vertical pin travel range
  • Micro-click-adjust windage and elevation on all models
  • Solid 2nd Axis Adjustment on all models
  • 3rd Axis Adjustable Level bubble Bracket on all models
  • 4 inch Extension Bar or Direct Mount Bar available for 4s and 6s
  • Option 4s Standard Configuration is 3 fixed pins & 1 movable
  • Option 6s Standard Configuration is 5 fixed pins & 1 movable
  • Customizable; number of fixed pins, pin diameter and fiber color