VAPOR TRAIL Gen 7 Arrow Rest

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VAPOR TRAIL GEN 7 Arrow Rest Limb Driven Technology

  • The NEW improved limb driven rest with a slightly redesigned bushing system making it smoother than ever
  • The new full containment is a carbon fiber substrate with a rubber overmold. The carbon fiber substrate makes it stronger and lighter than aluminum allowing the rest to come in at under 3 oz total.
  • The rubber overmold is pass-through, meaning it is also included in the core of the containment system, not just on the outside. This will further dampen any sound/vibration from other accessories/vibration from your bow.
  • The side loading gate will accommodate nearly all sizes of arrows out there, including larger diameter target arrows.
  • The rest is still completely 100% machined aluminum and brass. No plastic. No cast aluminum. No pot metal. No cutting corners. Made 100% in the USA!
  • The rest is available in a standard version which will fit most bows out there. A Hoyt and Mathews specific mounting option is available to fit the risers exactly. This will create a more streamlined look, and reduce the weight of the rest to under 2.5 oz. The Elite, Prime, PSE, and Bowtech specific mounts, and select others will be available in the near future.
  • The interchangeable containment system is offered in 11 different colors.
  • No gears. No locks. No brakes. No levers. No switches. No bells. No whistles.......all this meaning nothing to fail at the moment of truth.