Tight Spot - 7 Arrow Quiver

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  • Overall length: 19 3/4"
  • Distance from hood to gripper: 18"
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Manufacture Warranty:Iron Clad Guarantee (Only ties to Original Owner)


The new 7-arrow TightSpot Quiver is the lightest, most compact 7-arrow bow quiver ever developed. This arrow quiver for sale is super lightweight coming in at exactly 10.0 oz and equally as compact as our 5-arrow version. By placing the 2 extra arrows between the structural carbon rods of the quiver we can add the extra arrows without compromising the sleek design of the TightSpot quiver. If you're one of the types who happens to tag a couple extra trees or rocks in your season then this will keep your quiver well stocked for virtually little to no extra added weight. We also offer the Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver and Tight Spot 3 Arrow Quiver.

  • Better Bow Balance
  • Dramatically Reduces Torque
  • Holds 7 arrows
  • Fit's tight to bow
  • Whole variety of mounting and adjusting options