UltraView - UV3XL Hunting Kit Single Pin

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            Everything you love about the UV3 - Just Bigger!

  • UV3XL has an inside diameter of 41mm compared to UV3's inside diameter of 31mm
  • The Hunting Kit comes with everything you need to start shooting out of the box
  • Everything is pre-installed (including batteries) so all that you have to do is mount it and start shooting 
  • The new advanced light has 10 brightness levels, 5 individual LED's for optimal brightness, auto-off (after 4 minutes), allows you to light up your level, and is 100% waterproof
  • To light up your level, hold the power button for 2 seconds
  • The up-pin is constructed out of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it is crazy tough
  • Mounts onto Axcel, Shibuya, Sure-Loc, B3, CBE, or any sight that accepts 10-32 threaded rods
  • Over 6hrs of battery life at 80% brightness - takes two cr2025 batteries (can be found anywhere, common size)
  • Easily swap from one lens/hunting cartridge to another depending on what discipline you are shooting
  • Accepts lenses with a diameter of 1.750"
  • Comes With

    • 1 - Housing with a green level installed (aircraft grade, anodized aluminum)
    • 1- Hunting Cartridge with either a single pin or double pin in 0.010” or 0.019”.
    • For double pin setups: The top pin is green and the bottom pin is red. The pin gap distance is 0.25" which matches up perfectly with Spot Hogg's double pin indicator.
    • For single pin setups: The single pin is green 
    • 1 - UV3XL Light Kit
    • Mounting bolts/hardware & extra set screws
    • 2 - Extra Batteries (cr2025) (get extra batteries here at a great price!)
    • 1 Certificate of authenticity ensuring you get superior post purchase customer service and a higher resale value if you’re crazy enough to ever part ways with your UV3. (post sales service and warranty transfer with the certificate of authenticity