DAY SIX HD 500 Carbon Arrows 1 doz.

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New carbon fiber layering system with custom insert/outsert technology making them superior in strength & durability. This Ultra-micro Diameter, Full carbon shaft with Insert-Outsert technology up front, allows for use of all standard points and broad heads.The compressed carbon and thick wall design, creates unparalleled strength and durability. Ultra micro diameter shaft means less surface area, which in return equals less resistance and less wind deviation in outdoor environments.

HD 500

  • Shaft length 32"
  • Straightness +/-0.001
  • 8.2 grains/inch
  • Inside diameter 0.165"
  • Outside diameter 0.232”


Arrow length to be measured from the throat of the Nock to the end of the Carbon shaft (do not include Outsert in arrow length measurement) If in doubt, always select a stiffer spine arrow.


NEVER shoot a damaged arrow! Always flex arrow before every shot, Listen and look for and cracks, splinters, or damage to the Arrow, Nock and Outsert. If in doubt, do not shoot!