Premium Hunt Ready Package - Elite Enkore

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The Premium Hunt Ready Package is a brand-new flagship bow. Using top tier bow models from previous years allowing us to ship bows, with premium accessories straight to your door. These packages take out the guessing game of what accessories to choose. All Premium Hunt Ready package bows will be shipped fully timed and tuned to your specifications. If you have found a PHRP bow that you want but, maybe you want a different quiver or sight, please feel free to reach out to us and we will accommodate you, as best as we can! These packages are all unique. What you see in the picture is what will be shipped to you. So, if you have found the package you love, don't hesitate. Please be as detailed as possible in the note section at checkout. Include: draw length, draw weight, and the arrow you intend to use. If you have an old bow, please include your previous bow and its peep height. 


Bow - Elite Enkore  

ATA - 33" 

Brace Height - 6" 

IBO Speed Rating - 340fps

Draw Weight - 60 - 70 

Draw Length - 23" -30" (Will ship at specified length) 

Color - Sienna Brown 

Accessories Included 

Sight - CBE Engage Hybrid - 5 pin 

Rest - Hamskea Primer  

Quiver - Tight Spot 5 Arrow (New Hood) 

Stabilizer - Conquest Stabilizer Kit 8"/ 6"  

Peep Sight - 3/16"