365 Archery - High Performance Trio Target Systems 24 "

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365 Archery High Performance Trio Target Systems

365 Archery Trio Target's have become the industry standard for a high quality self-healing foam target. Our special blend of proprietary foam offers easy arrow removal and long lasting durability. Each target consist of a 6-sided, replaceable 14” core that can be rotated to show different bullseye patterns, with multiple aim points. This ability to rotate the core of the target dramatically increases the targets life and offers some of the easiest arrow removal of any foam targets on the market. The outer target cradle that contains the center core, provides for an increased target arrow area providing additional safety for errant shots and reducing or eliminating the need for additional back stops! With 365 Archery's replaceable core system, you no longer need to replace your entire target once the bullseyes are shot out. Just simply remove the old core and slide in a new core at the fraction of the cost of an entirely new target. The HP Trio Target is broadhead and crossbow friendly, with easy arrow removal and comes in 4 sizes. Each system consists of a black outer that is 5" thick, a 14” yellow core and base.


  • Easy arrow removal

  • Long lasting durability

  • Affordable replacement cores


  • 18" Target - 11 lbs. 

  • 24" Target - 17 lbs.

  • 36" Target - 33 lbs.