G5 - Dead Meat V2 Expandable 3 Blade Broadhead 3 pack

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G5’s Deadmeat V2 is an improvement on the original Deadmeat 3-blade expandable broadhead. Machined from 100% steel, the V2 is super tough – about 320% tougher than our competitors’ Aluminum broadheads. And with easy-to-install replaceable blades, these rear-deployment blades result in better penetration and higher blood loss so you can fill up the freezer!


1.5″ Cutting Diameter

With 3 deadly blades machined from solid steel, our 1.5″ cutting diameter offers unmatched precision and penetrating power for bigger, deadlier holes.

100, 125 Grain

Available in multiple weights to give you the optimal shot specific to your needs.

3 Ultra Sharp Blades

The rearward sliding steel blades are designed for better cutting on impact. All blades and collars are replaceable.

No Blade Pre-Deployment

Made with high-speed crossbows in mind, the SnapLock™ collar locks blades in place during flight, yet quickly releases the blades upon impact.

BMP Practice Model Included

Make the most of the off-season with the Deadmeat practice broadhead! Made with identical dimensions, practicing with these broadheads will help you acheieve consistencies with flight and accuracy before you head into the field.  Made with a rounded-edge, these broadheads keep target wear to a minimum.