Carter - Evolution Resistance Release

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Taking their already popular Evolution Release, Carter has made it easier than ever to use a resistance-activated release. The previous model came with a set of springs to change your holding weight. This Evolution 20 has done away with this and can be adjusted from 8-40 lbs with the turn of an allen key! This release is perfect for any archer who has target panic, as there is no trigger to punch! When pulling back the bow keep the safety pressed in, once you hit the back wall you can start applying pressure straight back and the release will activate once a certain pressure has been applied.

  • The next evolution of resistance activated releases
  • Designed with a familiar geometry of the Evolution family of handles, this new offering uses one spring that spans the entire holding weight settings from 8-40 lbs.
  • Improved consistency of activation with a much more precise micro-adjustment of the holding weight setting
  • To close the jaw, push down on the hasp until it snaps into the closed position and the release is reset
  • Always push in and hold the thumb safety while drawing your bow
  • Pull through every shot with the Evolution 20