GOLD TIP - Kinetic Pierce FLETCHED Arrows 1 doz.

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*Specify Cut Length in Notes at Checkout. (Measure from the end of the insert/outsert to the Valley of the nock)

  • Fletchings: 2" Shield Cut Fusion X Vane
  • Qty per pack: 12
  • Straightness Tolerance: +/-.006"
  • Grains/Inch: 3555/500 = 6.6, 5575/400 = 7.6, 7595/340 = 8.3, 300 = 9.1
  • Length: 3555/500 = 30", 5575/400 = 32", 7595/340 = 32", 300 = 32"
  • Outside Diameter: 3555/500 = 0.222", 5575/400 = 0.229", 7595/340 = 0.234", 300 = 0.240"
  • Ballistic Insert System & GTO Nocks
  • Manufacturer Item Number: PIERCE300A21; PIERCE340A21; PIERCE400A21


New for this year, Gold Tip has finally entered the micro-diameter market and the Kinetic Pierce is an arrow that will change the way you view Gold Tip as a whole. The Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Arrows are the more "economic" version of the Pierce Platinum, the main difference between the two is that these Pierce are a +/-.006" Straightness Tolerance while the Platinums are a +/-.0025". These Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Arrows are still going to have the insane amount of kinetic energy buildup, the same high performance that you are looking out of a hunting arrow, just at a most cost effective version.

Kicking into a micro-diametered arrow increasing your Kinetic Energy and how it is stored down-range. It also helps reduce wind drag by having a smaller surface for the wind to grab and pull on reducing in a more accurate shot. With smaller diameter arrows, you also get a heavier arrow since the inner wall has to be thicker to redefine the strength, and if there is one thing Gold Tip has been known for it's having the strongest arrows on the market. You're going to love the way these shoot and perform both on the range and on the hill and for a price that you can't afford to pass up!

  • Micro-diameter arrow
  • Built for accuracy and penetration
  • Includes GTO nocks and Ballistic insert system
  • Being a .006 +/- gives your wallet relief but still gives you the high quality performance