GOLD TIP - Pierce LRT Arrow SHAFTS 1 doz

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*Specify Cut Length in Notes at Checkout. (Measure from the end of the insert/outsert to the Valley of the nock)

Please see FLETCHING SERVICES if you would like us to fletch for you. 

Built from the proven Pierce shaft now with tighter tolerances and improved components, the Pierce LRT is our most advanced long-range tactical hunting arrow ever. Micro diameter for better penetration and less wind drift at extended range. The one-piece component system is easy to install perfectly straight every time. Dyna-Tek Slick Shield™ coating aids in penetration and target removal. Simply put, this is the baddest hunting arrow we have ever built.

  • Straightness Tolerance: +/- .001”
  • .166 ID
  • Weight Tolerance: 0.5 GR
  • Available in 2.1” Fusion AND 2” Raptor Vanes or 2.75” factory 4 fletch
  • Coated with Dyna-Tek | Ceramic Clear Coating Slick Shield for deeper penetration and easier arrow removal from targets.
  • Patent pending component system