WILDERNESS ATHLETE - Hydrate & Recover® PACKETS (30 ct)

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• Refreshing & Effective*
• Combats Muscle Cramps
• Accelerated Recovery

The best tasting scientifically formulated hydration to fuel life's most rugged demands. Experience the endurance and strength of modern age hydration.*

Advanced Hydration - Increase performance with balanced electrolytes.*
Recover Faster - Fortified with BCAAs for enhanced muscle repair.*
Boost Immune System - 1000mg of Vitamin C because being sick sucks.*

Servings: 30

Flavor Options: 
•Berry Blast - A refreshing and bold blend of berry extracts that always hits the spot.
•Strawberry Pomegranate - A precisely balanced fusion of rich strawberries and sharp pomegranate tang.
•Lemon Lime - A stimulating citrus blend of lemon and lime with the perfect amount of thirst-quenching bite.
•Kiwi Pineapple - Invigorating kiwi sweetness blended with the refreshing punch of tropical pineapple extracts.
• Watermelon - A refreshing sweet and mouthwatering kick of watermelon that awakens your taste buds and soothes your senses.
• Arizona Peach - An uplifting peach sweetness that quenches your thirst and rejuvenates your body when you need it most.