QAD - Ultra Rest Integrate R2

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  • Built to equal or surpass the QAD HDX in rest performance for shooters utilizing the dovetail rest mount system
  • Cable driven activation for simple install and reliable functionality
  • Grip N Slide technology allows for a non-micro adjustment that stays in place, but moves when you need to slide the rest
  • Locks in place with the turn of an Allen key
  • TCT- Keeps your arrow in place and fully contained at full draw and after you let down
  • LDT- Launcher drops fast, locks down with zero bounce and zero fletching contact
  • EZT- No serving required for installation
  • SBT- When the launcher is forced down it will safely break away without damage 
  • AVT- Cambrake and dampers kill noise and vibration
  • VDT- High tension spring drops the launcher at over 400 fps