SCOTT - Ghost Leather Strap Release

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  • Magnetic Auto-Trigger Return
  • True-Center Pulling to Reduce Loop Torque
  • Stainless Steel Roller Sear Hook
  • Ergonomic Body
  • Knurled Trigger
  • Solid Swivel Connector with 5-hole Length Adjustment
  • Cam-Lock Fold Back Strap Connector
  • Leather Strap with Neoprene for Extra Comfort


This Scott Archery Ghost Release has a magnetic auto-trigger return and a true-center pulling to reduce loog torque. The Ghost Release also features a stainless steel roller sear hook, an ergonomic body and a knurled trigger. The solid swivel connector has 5-hole length adjustment. The Ghost Realease also has a cam-lock fold back strap connector and a leather strap with neoprene for extra comfort.