UltraView - BeeReal Mathews Grip

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Perfect for keeping your hands warm when hunting as well as giving you a comfortable hold on your Mathews bow, the new BEEREAL grip from UltraView is a great choice for anyone shooting Mathews bows made after 2019.

  • In collaboration with Chris Bee, Ultraview's BeeReal Signature series Mathews Grip is their best to date 
  • Manufactured from a carbon fiber composite material that stays warm to the touch and provides the perfect grip texture
  • Grip features a flat back that helps with bow hand torque and yields a more steady hold
  • Includes an additional 5º angle which has also been proven to help steady your hold
  • Honeycomb texture on the face of the grip provides the perfect amount of texture ensuring your hand never slips again
  • Chris Bee's first Vegas round with a prototype grip was a 30x game
  • Compatibility: Mathews bows made 2019 or later and has the engage grip on it (VXR, Vertix, Traverse, TX-5, 2019 and later - TRX 36, 38 & 40

How to install the grip: 
  • The grip does not come with double sticky tape or adhesive
  • If you use any form of adhesive the grip will be extremely hard to remove
  • Manufacturer recommends if the grip fits a little loose to the riser thicken up the grip section of the riser using electrical tape or duct tape until the grip fits snugly onto the bow
  • This allows for a secure fit and you can still remove the grip from the bow if you wish                  

Notice: This grip WILL NOT FIT any Mathews bow made before 2019 or any other brand bow